Robin Chuter

Robin Chuter’s style is characterised by merging highly vibrant warm colours with what can be seen as bordering caricature and line art using Indian ink with the use of canvas and also the most mundane objects

He is an upbeat artist who draws and paints onto absolutely everything.Wooden panels, chairs, old laptops, vinyl covers – he did it.

He grew up in a very mixed environment, born in Belgium and moved to London in 1992 where he carried on with his artistic journeys running a small independent record label where nearly all was done by hand, including the artwork for the record covers, long before there was the internet.

At one point he decided to move on in the life’s journey towards using colour and paper only. He developed his own comical and crazy world, where strange forms or faces mix with a feast of colours, at the crossroad between abstract and figurative art, working in his studio in West London.

Ask him where he comes from and he answers: “Pluto”. And yes, it’s this unusual mixture of his mind which makes his art so unique, joyful and different.

His world is both comical and crazy (strange organic forms dominate a large number of his works), brimming with bright and warm colors, at the crossroads between abstraction and figurative.


    • 16.11 - 20.11.2019.: "memoire et perception", group exibition, Tunis, Tunisia


    • 01.9 - 28.10.2019: "Love and Inspiration", 4th International Art Festival, YuKyung Art Museum, Republic of Korea, curated by Michael Lamy


    • 27.08. - 02.09.2018: (*) 1st "Rebirth through Art" International Symposium, Royal Hunting Castle, Lapusna, Romania


    • 17.08 - 19.08.2018 (*) 7001 Festival Berlin, Room 17, Erich Honnecker bunker, Germany


    • 11.07 - 13.07.2017 (*) Festival international des Arts plastiques NAWAFID, Settat, Morocco


    • 01.07 - 08.07.2017: (*) 3rd International Art Workshop + Exhibition, Efeler City Council, Aydin Province, Turkey


    • 09.06 - 15.06.2020 Her Renk Bir Festival, Adalar Kültür Derneği, Group Exhibition, Istanbul, Turkey


    • 06.05.2019 Riot of Colours Art exhibition, Art House Group, London, curated by Aranzazu Art


    • 12.04 - 15.04.2019:  Roy's People Art Fair at the Barge, Oxo Tower, London


    • 01.04.2018 The Aleph Review, yearly anthology of contemporary artistic expression, Broken Leg Publishing, Pakistan


    • 29.03 - 01.04.2018: Moroccan Art Fair, Royal Theatre Marrakech, Morocco



    • 30.01. International Culture Art Dialogues Association Group Exhibition, Izmir Turkish-American Association, Izmir, Turkey


    • 23.01 - 30.01.2019: (*) artist in residence, (~) Tilde, Agadir, Morocco




    • 4.5.2018(*) Cargo, Shoreditch, London, with Art House Collective, Live Painting


    • 3.10 - 6.10.2017: (*) Truman's Brewery, RPAF, London